We are passionate about companies that boost efficiency and transparency, make lives easier and healthier, and enable constant change for the better.

The roots of YZR go back to 2015 when we started to establish our focused investment strategy for the accounts of the M4 Capital family office.

YZR Investments

Making medical imaging accessible to everyone. UK’s market leading aggregator for booking diagnostic imaging.


Your virtual, human-like mental health companion. Anywhere, anytime.

Preventive healthcare platform for laboratory tests

Clinic-Platform for hair and skin treatments.

HR software platform based on Salesforce, especially suited for clinics and medical practicioners.

Mixed-reality Holomedicine platform enabling collaboration and education in healthcare.

B2B platform to streamline employee healthcare operations.

Selected team transactions

Doctor/Patient Communication platform for medical diagnosis, treatments and e-prescriptions. EXIT to Zur Rose Group 07/2020.

Biomarker scoring system to measure immune health, predicting the onset of chronic diseases and the course of the aging process.

Platform for modern and digial-centered GP clinics.

Platform for cardiovascular patients to improve their health outcomes.

Platform for digital diagnostic tests.

AI-powered app to self-check skin alterations using an advanced AI  technology. “In Foundation”

AI-powered breast cancer screening platform. Co-Investment as Partner of Soleria Capital.

Germany’s leading platform for treatment of chronic diseases based on natural plant products.